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Region 8 Joint Competitive Power Supply Procurement (R8 JCPSP) Aggregated RPS Demand of Region 8 EC


Pursuant to the Department of Energy (DOE) Department Circular No. DC 2018-02-003, DC 2021-09-0003 and National Electrification Administration (NEA) Memorandum No. 2019-007, Federation of Rural Electric Cooperatives in Region 8 (FRECOR 8), thru its Region 8 Joint Third Party Bids and Awards Committee (R8 JTPBAC), are inviting power suppliers to participate in this Region 8 Joint Competitive Power Supply Procurement (R8 JCPSP) process for the aggregated Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) power supply requirement of the region’s eleven (10) ECs as follows:

Table 1. Aggregated RPS Demand of Region 8 ECs

Contract Year

Contract Period

Aggregated Load


Sep. 26, 2023 – Dec. 25, 2023

8 MW


Dec. 26, 2023 – Dec. 25, 2024

13 MW


​Dec. 26, 2024 – Dec. 25, 2025

19 MW


Dec. 26, 2025 – Dec. 25, 2026

​26 MW


​Dec. 26, 2026 – Dec. 25, 2027

​33 MW


Dec. 26, 2027 – Dec. 25, 2028

40 MW


Dec. 26, 2028 – Dec. 25, 2029

46 MW


Dec. 26, 2029 – Dec. 25, 2030

54 MW


Dec. 26, 2030 – Dec. 25, 2031

58 MW

The ten (10) Electric Cooperatives (ECs) of Region 8 with RPS Demand is composed of Northern Samar Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NORSAMELCO); Samar I Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SAMELCO I); Samar II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SAMELCO II); Don Orestes Romualdez Electric Cooperative, Inc. (DORELCO); Leyte II Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO II); Leyte III Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO III); Leyte IV Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO IV); Leyte V Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO V); Southern Leyte Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SOLECO); and Biliran Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BILECO).



Generation Company (GENCO) that owns and/or operates an RPS eligible existing or to be constructed power plant; Eligible RE Facility refers to a generating facility that utilizes an RE resource or RE Technology as further defined under Rule 3 of DOE DC No. 2017-12-0015; IPP Administrator of privatized IPP PPA of NPC through an IPPA contract awarded by PSALM that is RPS eligible power plant; and/or Licensed Wholesale Aggregator with (i) existing capacity contracts or has arranged for a capacity contract in response to this tender, or (ii) a firm commitment to supply from Philippine Renewable Energy Market at fixed prices.


Subject to appropriate and timely notice, R8 JCPSP-JTPBAC reserves the right to amend the schedules as shown below:

Region 8 Joint Competitive Power Supply Procurement (R8 JCPSP)



​Publication and Invitation to Bid

September 4 & 11, 2023

Acceptance of Letter of Intent & Payment of Bid Participation Fee

​September 4-14, 2023

Issuance of Bidding Documents

​September 12-14, 2023

Pre-Bid Conference

​September 14, 2023

​Deadline of Submission of Comments on Bidding Documents

September 18, 2023

​Issuance of Supplemental Bid Bulletin

September 20, 2023

Submission and Opening of Bids

October 11, 2023

​Post-Qualification (Joint TPBAC-JTWG)

October 12-13, 2023

​Issuance of JTPBAC Resolution to the Joint BOD for the Award of the Contract

October 16, 2023

Notice of Award

​October 17, 2023

Signing of Power Supply Agreements

​November 27, 2023

Joint Filing Before the ERC

December 15, 2023


Bidders shall pay a non-refundable Participation Fee (Bidding Documents Fee) equivalent to PHP 200,000.00

Only the bidders who have properly secured the Bidding Documents will be allowed to participate in the Pre-Bid Conference and the Bidding.

Only the Bidder that submitted a proposal during the first bidding is exempted from paying the Bid Documents Fee.


Interested bidders may obtain a copy of the Bidding Documents upon:

  1. Submission of Letter of Intent

  2. Payment of non-refundable Participation Fee of each Bidders, either Cash, Cashier’s/ Manager’s check payable to Federation of Rural Electric Cooperatives in Region 8 through fund transfer or deposit to the TPBAC designated bank account and submission of proof thereof to

Bank Name:

PNB Tacloban Rizal Branch

​Account Name:

FRECOR8 Association, Inc.

​Account Number:


The R8 JCPSP-JTPBAC reserves the right to amend the schedule of activities, reject any or all bids, declare a failure of bidding, or not to award the contract under circumstances allowed by the CSP guidelines without incurring any liability.

For further information, please refer to:

Region 8 Joint Competitive Power Supply Procurement (R8 JCPSP)

​Business Adress:

​c/o RENAGMEC Brgy. San Juan Sta. Rita Samar

Email Adress:

​; CC:

Contact Person:

​Donald Velasco / Indira Palomo

Contact Number:

0917 627-8546 / 0917-542-9319



R8 JTPBAC - Chairman

Region 8 Joint Competitive Power Supply Procurement (R8 JCPSP)

Final-RPS_Invitation-to-Bid (1)
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