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Tunga, Leyte- It was the 29th of August year 2015 when Mayor Rodrigo “Roa” Duterte came to Leyte III Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO III) , Tunga, Leyte for the Coop’s 36th Annual General Memebership Assembly. More than five thousand (5,000.00) shouted with glee and hurrahs when they saw the famed Mayor who made one area in the country, as the safest place in the world, Davao City.

To show their great devotion and their astounding support to the now President Rodrigo “Roa” Duterte, General Manager Allan Laniba, GM of LEYECO III, created the “Du30 Room”. Using his skills as an artist he made an image of the President Digong using strings which is called Cross Hatching in arts.

“Yung ginamit ko dito is pako, a symbol of the lowest worker in the land, the carpenter, and the fishnet, a symbol for the lowest worker in the ocean, the fishermen.  Dalawa lang sila na sometimes naiiwanan but they can create a difference." 

The room is also filled with images of the President at his younger years and at present.

“Kung makikita niyo sa pictures, pabalik-balik lang yung mga damit niya sa mga occasions. These pictures really show how simple our President is.”, GM Laniba said.

Cross-hatch image of President Duterte created by GM Lanibad, signed by Speaker Alvarez

What GM Laniba wanted to showcase in the DU30 Mini-museum is the simplicity of our President and his promise of total change for our country.


The DU30 Room mini-museum of the Leyeco III was inaugurated last August 27, 2016, Saturday with House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez gracing the event. 


“House Speaker Alvarez is a great friend of President Duterte, he also is supportive of the President’s reforms for our country, and no other man is but fitting to grace this occasion but him” GM Laniba remarked.

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