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LEYECO III Pushes Field Personnel to Climb New Heights


In an effort to further sharpen the knowledge and skills of its field personnel to respond to the ever growing needs of its member-consumer, LEYECO III spearheaded a two day in-house Linemen Training Course this October 15 and 16, 2015.

            Sixteen field personnel joined the training held inside the LEYECO III Main Office.  On the first day of the training course, the participants were given lectures and workshops on Personal Protective Equipment, Safe Working Clearance, Metering, Inspection of Distribution Transformers. The second day of the training further immersed the participants in Installation of Distribution Transformers, Line Protection, Maintenance and Job Planning.

To enhance the participation of the attendees, a group presentation workshop was conducted. Participants were divided into teams composing of four members each group so as to impart the sense of camaraderie and working in a team of the linemen.

Highlighting the importance of safety in the workplace and in the field, a refresher course on safety tips and practices was provided by Mr. Abdon Brit, Special Equipment Section Head.  He stressed that, “as much as we want to make our services quicker, we must also put in mind our safety.”

According to Mr. Arsenio Bureres, Construction, Operation and Maintenance Division Manager of the Technical Services Department, “this training is another program to serve our member-consumers,” noting that, “by equipping our field personnel with the right skills and information, we are able to help them improve the efficiency of their over-all operations".

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