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Tunga, Leyte- “The cooperative has been through a lot for the last two years: Una yung typhoon Yolanda; sumunod naman Ruby; tapos Senyang naman. Ang daming bagyong dumaan sa ating lugar.  But as I see it, ang bilis makabangon ng LEYECO III.” Governor Dominic Petilla, thus, praised the coop during his speech at the Ruby Jubilee Celebration of Leyte III Electric Cooperative, Inc. (LEYECO III) on October 30, 2015.


“Yolanda” also known as Haiyan,  has become very well-known word all over the world. The onslaught brought by this famous super typhoon was shown in all parts of the world on November 8, 2013. Leyte was swallowed by darkness and the whole LEYECO III office was destroyed.  But that did not stop the coop from proving that it is a strong and resilient coop. 


The coop’s celebration of its anniversary was a remarkable milestone for them, “Ang bilis maka build back better talaga ng LEYECO III, saludo ako sa mga empleyado. This celebration is a proof na kaya bumangon ng coop kahit ito’y maliit lang,” Board Vice President Dir. Anunciatio Encarnacion remarked.


One of the highlights during the 40th Founding Anniversary of LEYECO III was the blessing of its new buildings: its Luminous Gymnasium, named after its slogan “Lighting Houses, Lighting Homes and Lighting Hopes:” and the Member-Consumers/Employees Hall a venue for developing the culture and values of the employees and its member-consumers.  The said blessing was spearheaded by the Parish Priest of Tunga, Rev. Fr. Gil Logramonte.






















LEYECO III also proudly unveiled other new edifices built from the scraps of damaged materials due to the typhoon.  “Kung may Baywalk sa Manila, we have V-walk here in LEYECO III, the Virtue Walk to remind us always of the four virtues of the coop, namely,  Prudence, Justice, Courage and Compassion. Our institution will walk that journey.” Thus said GM Allan Laniba in his message during the anniversary.

Found in the V-walk are verses coming from the bible which also give inspiration to those who walk in that area. In that V-walk, shines a light lamp made out of a damaged transformer,

“That transformer lamps have logos and each logo has a light, one for DOE, one for NEA, one for ERC, and finally one for LEYECO III and all electric cooperatives who helped us restore the lights after the typhoon Yolanda. This is to show our gratitude for all the help they have given to us to stand back and rise again. It is our way of honouring their generosity to us. Sa lahat ng tumulong sa amin. Maraming salamat po.” GM Allan Laniba continued.

Visitors coming from NEA also commended the coop for its resiliency and progress. “Indeed it is a different LEYECO III after the Yolanda, truly you deserve an award!” NEA Director Nora I. Rivera exclaimed during her inspirational message.

It was also noted that in the previous year, LEYECO III put up the biggest Christmas tree in the Philippines can be found in LEYECO III, towering at 155 feet. “More plans for progress are being planned for the years to come,” intimated GM Laniba. “The coop is a great example that no matter how small the coop is, it can do big things and make a difference, “ GM Laniba added.

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