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Interested bidders must comply with the Accreditation Requirements on or before the Pre-Bid Conference and pay the Accreditation Fee of P 1,000.00.

Bid documents and detailed technical specifications shall be issued to prospective bidders upon payment of the Bid Docs Fee to our BAC Secretary on the day of Pre-Bid Conference.

Only those who have purchased the Bid Documents shall be allowed to participate in the Pre-Bid and Bidding Proper and raise or submit queries or clarifications.

All particulars relative to the eligibility requirements, examination and evaluation of bids and post qualification shall be governed by the pertinent provisions of R.A 9184 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR).

For further information, you may contact our BAC Secretariat at 09399376532/09175854204.

LEYECO III reserves the right to reject any and all bids, declare failure of bidding and not award any contract without thereby incuring any liability to the affected bidder(s).

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